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    Everyday Things That Stress You Out

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    Knowing the top causes of stress may help you ward off some of the effects and stay healthier–physically and emotionally.

    We have all been susceptible to the effects of stress, which can manifest itself in a number of ways, depending on the person and the severity of the situation at hand. Warning signs of stress can be physical, emotional, mental, occupational, social and even spiritual.

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    Following are the top ten sources of stress. Which ones have you been battling with and how do you cope?

    1. Work

    We’re all aware that a person’s job can be a huge source of stress—usually a result of the amount of time spent there each week, overwhelming workloads or a difficult boss. If a person does not like their job, has a long commute or has altercations with her co-workers, they can experience even more stress. Getting fired from a job is said to be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.

    2. Lack of Finances

    Having no money to meet your basic personal needs or the needs of your family is stressful indeed. However the source of stress is not the lack of money by itself. Rather people are more interested in their own survival.

    3. Health

    Personal health issues can be stressful on both children and adults. Working to get well, worrying about medical costs or dealing with an unexpected health crisis or chronic illness can all bring on stress. The sad part is that stress itself contributes to disease. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that within the next 10 years, stress-related conditions like depression will rank as the second leading cause of disability worldwide.

    4. Personal Relationships

    Everyone is stressed at times by personal relationships, even when relationships are basically good. Couples argue, parents and children fight and occasionally conflict among friends or co-workers can create stress.

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