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    Black Hair Care: The Truth About Brazilian Blowouts & Thinning Hair

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    I am a recent Kidney Transplant patient of 2 years and was having some hair loss the first year and now my hair has began to grow, but it is hard to maintain my hair and keep moisture.

    I am taking anti-rejection medication at a high dose because of my fast metabolism. Now with the need to return to steroids because of rejection, which increases my blood sugars and medication for that, I don’t know what to do about my hair. I am tired of braiding it and wearing hair extensions.

    What do I do from this point forward?

    Hello Shawnice,

    It’s common for women to experience changes in their hair due to medication or health. It’s important to consult a professional stylist, preferably one with experience in caring for stressed, fragile hair.

    In addition, your hair definitely needs moisture & strength in order to grow healthy. Drink LOTS of water and eat a well balanced diet, including fresh fruits and veggies, and lean protein.

    In terms of styling, it seems you prefer low maintenance styles. Twist-outs are ideal because they last and offer excellent styling versatility! Simply shampoo and condition, apply a wet styling product, twist hair in desired size, allow hair to dry, and then untwist.

    I’d recommend Design Essentials®: Moisture Retention Conditioning Shampoo Express Instant Moisturizing Conditioner Natural Twist & Setting Lotion Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion I hope you continue to have a healthy recovery. Keep us posted on your progress.



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    Hello Natalie,

    I need some advise on getting my hair to thicken up. I’ve had manageable thin hair all my life, but lately I’ve noticed that it’s really thin. I’ve been wearing weaves constantly the last two years and would like to go all natural without any pieces to give my hair that full look. Is there any products out there that can actually thicken your hair?


    Hello Davina,

    Changing the type of hair we have is rare. But what we can do is make the best of the hair we’re naturally born with. A huge part of being natural is embracing our natural hair type and texture. I believe you’ll notice a difference in the appearance and fullness of your hair by not wearing weaves as often, and allowing your naturally beautiful hair to breathe. Also, proper hair care can help your hair naturally thicken. By proper hair care I mean- using nourishing shampoos and conditioners that don’t strip natural oils or leave a residue, applying minimal heat, and choosing hair styles that don’t compromise the overall integrity of hair. Since you’ve stated you have thin hair, heavy products aren’t best for your hair. Try this combination of Design Essentials® products: Organic Cleanse Deep Cleansing Shampoo & Natural Curl Cleanser Express Instant Moisturizing Conditioner HCO Leave-In Conditioner Silk Essentials.




    Good morning!

    I have two questions….I am growing my hair back natural…I have very long hair and a good portion of it is relaxed…I don’t want to use heat on it all the time to keep it straight until it grows to a length I am comfortable cutting the relaxed hair off and I’m not sure if I can use a texturizer on relaxed hair so that it all looks the same…what can I do? Also I need a good oil sheen I loved Pantene’s, but its discontinued I have tried pink oil but it leaves my hair dry…have tried Cantu it’s to heavy…tried Profective but I don’t like the smell of olive oil…any suggestions?

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