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    Surgeon General Wrong, Black Women’s Hair Not Cause Of Obesity

    I just never got it until I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then, I lay awake night after night regretting every cigarette I had smoked; every cocktail I’d drunk; and every health club membership I had let expire without so much as stepping a foot inside the place after the orientation.

    None of this had anything to do with my hair.

    In fact, the unruly hair excuse has played out. Today, black women have a lot more alternatives when it comes to maintaining a straight hairstyle. They no longer have to smother their hair with grease and torture it with a hot comb to beat back frizzy or puffy hair.

    Because of the widespread acceptance of weaves, extensions and wigs, black women don’t have to deal with their natural hair at all.

    When I went for my regular hair appointment on Wednesday, I asked a couple of stylists what they thought…

    To read the complete article in its entirety, please visit the Sun-Times.

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