Remembering Yvette Wilson: What We Can Learn From Her Cervical Cancer Battle

Actress and comedian, Yvette Wilson, who played the role of Andell Wilkerson on UPN’s “Moesha” and its spinoff, “The Parkers.” passed away on June 14th, 2013 around 7 p.m. She was only 48 years old.

She was loved by those on set and was always referred to as always smiling and full of life. There are some lessons we can learn from both the life and death of the beautiful, Ms. Wilson.

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The star was not only battling stage 4 cervical cancer, but kidney disease as well.

Following a staging evaluation of cervical cancer, a stage IV cancer is said to exist if the cancer has extended beyond the cervix into adjacent organs, such as the rectum or bladder (stage IVA), or the cancer has spread to distant locations in the body which may include the bones, lungs or liver (stage IVB). Cervical cancer diagnosed in this stage is often difficult to treat, and a small minority of patients are cured of disease.

According to 2012 figures by the CDC, African-American women are more likely to die from cervical cancer than any other group, despite coming in second, to Hispanic women, in overall incidence.