How To Get White Teeth At Home!

smiling woman brushing her teeth
Sadly, oral hygiene hasn’t quite made it onto some to-do lists and what a shame because it should appear at the top of everyone’s list next to your skin care!

A good smile doesn’t just involve not showing too much gum, it also means displaying natural white teeth that are stain-free and aren’t shades of ecru of mother of pearl. Oh dear.

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While your hair, makeup and clothing efforts do matter, teeth that get attention for all the wrong reasons is a definite bummer and casts an unfortunate shadow on all of your hard work. While straight teeth isn’t the end-all, be-all, it’s something to strive for although it isn’t always attainable given the expense. What is attainable are white teeth that you can achieve in the comfort of your own home with effective products that don’t require a dentist’s supervision and costs far less.

One of the best creations on earth are Rembrandt’s Stain Dissolving Strips ($22.99, that reveal whiter teeth after two weeks and doesn’t agitate sensitive teeth. The fact that each stain-reducing treatment is only 10 minutes each and dissolves in that time is a godsend…