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    The Rx For A Slow Metabolism

    A smiling man sitting on stairs looking sweatyYou probably know someone who can eat everything in sight, but still struggles to keep weight on. But you probably can’t, right? But why? Is it just your genes, or is there somthing more going on?

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    Yes, your genetic makeup does count for something, but it’s actually only one piece of th puzzle. A larger piece? The choices you’ve been making, every day, for years.

    When we starve ourselves on yo-yo diets, eat processed foods, surround ourselves with toxins, work beyond the point of exhaustion, all these choices influence the way our metabolism processes food, burns calories, and regulates weight.

    To manipulate all of this to your benefit, instead of to your detriment, you need to first understand what damage has already been done.

    Some of the top causes of a slow metabolism are:

    Too many years of not exercising: You’ve spent a lot of time on the couch, so you can’t exactly blame your lagging metabolism on your lack of exercise. The fix? Exercise more!

    Too many yo-yo diets: Instead of maintaining a stable weight, you’ve developed a frustrating up-and-down weight-loss pattern. The fix? Stop dieting and, instead, adopt a healthier way of eating.

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