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    Is Online Dating A Waste Of Time?

    1. Don’t turn your profile into a novel. When it comes to creating the perfect online dating profile, you want to give enough information about yourself, while still leaving room for romantic mystery, says dating and relationship coach April Braswell. “We know that people, especially men, are visual; they don’t like reading long-winded emails—or profiles. My recommendation is to keep it simple,” adds Spira.

    2. Practice truth in advertising. One of the keys to digital dating success is to be authentic, says Spira. “Do everyone a favor and don’t lie about your age. Add captions to the photos on your profile and include the year they were taken. And make sure to smile and appear approachable,” says Spira.

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    3. Respond promptly. Remember the golden rules of waiting three days before phoning a potential date back or not picking up when they call? Don’t do it, says Spira. Since the era of Facebook and Twitter, the pace has picked up, big time. If a great person writes to you, don’t hesitate to write back. Online dating is a numbers game and chances are they are writing to several people at once. While you’re waiting a day or two to write back, they may have found someone else who’s piqued their interest.

    4. Set up a phone date. Before you meet, have a chat on the phone to see if there’s any chemistry. Red flag: “If your date refuses to talk and insists on only sending text messages, move on,” says Spira. And if the conversation is like pulling teeth, wish them the best and be thankful you didn’t waste your Saturday night hanging out.

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