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    How To Stay Bite-Free

    Time Your Activities Right. If possible, schedule your activities to avoid the times when mosquitoes are most active, usually dawn and dusk.

    Keep Cool.Keeping a deck or porch mosquito-free is quite easy, according to Conlon. “Strategically placed floor fans providing a breeze across the area of concern will serve to keep the mosquitoes at bay,” he says. “Mosquitoes are weak fliers, and will not be able to navigate properly against or within the airstream.”

    Dress wisely. Dress in light colored, loose-fitting clothing. Close-weave is the best to prevent biting, but layered loose-weave works almost as well.

    Try DEET. According to Conlin, DEET remains the standard by which all other repellents are judged; it’s effective against mosquitoes, biting flies, chiggers, fleas and ticks. But make sure you apply it correctly! If it’s not working, it’s probably because your misapplied it—or need to reapply. When it comes to choosing a brand, look for one that has 30% DEET for adults. Ask your pediatrician about the best choice for your child; Conlin says most recommend no more that 10% DEET and do not recommend DEET for babies under two months old.

    Two of Colin’s other recommendations: Cutter Advanced, which contains an ingredient called picaridin, which, he says says, is odorless, has a pleasant feel and doesn’t plasticize like DEET. For a natural product, try oil of lemon-eucalyptus, sold as Repel.

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