Gotta Go & Go & Go: Nocturia & Black Men

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— A new study finds that one in five U.S. men have to get up at least
twice a night to empty their bladders. Known as nocturia, those frequent
overnight trips to the bathroom can be a sign of a health condition,
ranging from a urinary tract infection to diabetes to chronic heart
failure, even a benign enlargement of the prostate.

For some people, the constant sleep disruptions can themselves cause
problems — contributing to depression symptoms or, particularly in
older adults, falls.

How Common Is Nocturia? 

Dr. Alayne D. Markland, the lead researcher on
the new study, which appears in the Journal of Urology, found that among
5,300 U.S. men age 20 and up, 21 percent said that in the past month,
they had gotten up at least twice per night to urinate. The study is
based on a government health study of a nationally representative sample
of U.S. adults, and gives a clearer picture of just how common nocturia
is among men.

“Getting up during the night to urinate can be normal,” explained
Dr. Markland. “If you drink a lot of fluids close to bedtime, for
example, don’t be surprised if your bladder wakes you up at night.”

What Causes Nocturia?