Never Buy These 7 Foods!

A close-up of a brown paper bag filled with groceries
Most people only have so much time, or so much money, to waste in a grocery store. You want to get in, get out and save as much money as possible – all while knowing that the food you’re buying is the healthiest for you and your family.

So which items should you avoid?

1. Energy or Protein Bars.

These calorie-laden bars are usually stacked at the checkout counter because they depend on impulse buyers who grab them, thinking they are more wholesome than a candy bar. Unfortunately, they can have very high fat and sugar contents and are often as caloric as a regular candy bar. They’re also two to three times more expensive than a candy bar at $2 to $3 a bar. If you need a boost, a vitamin-rich piece of fruit, a yogurt, or a small handful of nuts is more satiating and less expensive!

2. Pre-Formed Meat Patties.

Frozen burgers, beef or otherwise, are more expensive than buying the ground meat in bulk and making patties yourself. We timed it — it takes less than 10 seconds to form a flat circle and throw it on the grill! Also, there’s some evidence that pre-formed meat patties might contain more e. coli than regular ground meat. In fact, most of the recent beef recalls have involved pre-made frozen beef patties. Fresh is definitely better!