10 Ways To Stick To Your Diet

A person wearing striped socks weighing themselves on a scale(BlackDoctor.org) — What dieter hasn’t wanted to bail on her weight-loss plan at some point? Even if you’re seeing signs of success with your diet, sometimes it just seems like so much work. If you’ve reached that moment, here are strategies to stay motivated and on track.

Keep a Food Journal

Writing down what you eat in detail within 15 minutes of your meal increases your ability to stick with your daily food and calorie goals. Keep a mini pad with you so you won’t have any excuses after you eat.

Track Your Successes

Weigh yourself consistently and keep track of your results in your food journal or on a graph where you can see your progress. Most people do well with weekly weigh-ins, but data suggest that weighing yourself more frequently is effective if you find that the results are motivating.