Eat This, Balance Your Hormones

cutting salmon on a cutting board
Hormonal imbalance among women of all ages is caused by poor health habits, stress, and medications. If you regularly experience anxiety, depression, hair loss, acne, and fatigue, you may have an imbalanced endocrine system.

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One way to combat this is to have a healthy diet. Eat only organic foods and avoid processed ones. By doing so, you detoxify your body. You also lose extra fat, which contains excess estrogens that are responsible for hormonal imbalance. Also, eat lots of fish, shellfish, pumpkin seeds, green vegetables, and walnuts. These contain essential fatty acids that balance the levels of the hormone prostaglandin in your system.

Eat Organic Meat

There has been much speculation about the hormonal additives in meat. The good news is there are a variety of organic meats which can be purchased just about anywhere groceries are sold. Organic meat maybe more expensive, however the benefits of reducing the amount of hormones you eat in your everyday diet will usually far outweigh any extra money you have spent. Obviously, the best solution would be to cut out meats completely from your diet. However, this is not always a practical solution. In fact, there are many people who simply enjoy consuming meat far too much to ever give it up completely.

Estrogen Flushing Foods