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    3 Surprising Things Stealing Your Sleep

    Your Clothes?

    Getting too comfortable may actually make you more tired. Baggy and stretchy clothing makes it much easier to slouch, which strains your joints and muscles as they work extra hard to distribute oxygen throughout your body. Dressing up not only prevents slouching, but also boosts confidence. Confidence, in turn, tends to improved posture, allowing for healthy breathing.

    The color of your clothing may also be tiring you out. Dark colors like black, navy and brown stimulate the secretion of melatonin–the chemical that makes you sleepy. The good news is that studies show there are many colors to keep you energized. White clothes suppress sleep-inducing melatonin and boost serotonin–the feel-good chemical in your brain. Red is good for an aggressive kind of energy. It’s also been shown to increase blood flow and stimulate adrenal glands. Yellow has been proven to stimulate the brain, build self-confidence, and encourage optimism.

    Unexpected Cures

    Eggs and Cantaloupe. Even though it may be an unusual combination, eggs and cantaloupe could be a winning duo to beat your fatigue. Eggs are an inexpensive and low-calorie source of protein on their own, but they’re even better when paired with a complex carbohydrate like cantaloupe. The protein in the eggs helps slow the absorption of the fruit’s sugar, preventing sugar spikes and sustaining energy throughout the day.

    Mushrooms. Cordyceps is a parasitic fungus that naturally grows on the head of a caterpillar. An animal study determined cordyceps helped improve metabolism, which can alleviate fatigue and increase physical endurance as you age. In 1993, two female Chinese athletes beat world records for the 1500-, 3000-, and 10,000-meter runs and attributed their success to cordyceps supplements. Try 3g per day. They’re available for about $7 at health food stores.

    Cactus. Normally, cacti are best admired from a distance, but the Nopal cactus, also known as “prickly pear,” can be an effective cure for your fatigue. It’s sold fresh, dried, and in jams for use in Mexican and South Western cuisines. Nopal is also available as a supplement. It’s packed with antioxidants that can help the liver detoxify the body and reduce inflammation-related fatigue. Try 1000 mg with a full glass of water per day. You can buy Nopal cactus for about $12 at health food stores.

    Another great cure is to try a few stretching exercises, particular ones that engage your core muscles, such as lying face down on a mat and extending out your arms as legs. Also, if exhausted continues to bother you, be sure to see your doctor and check for underlying medical issues.

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