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    5 Strange Health Facts About Love

    Many people believe that  crazy thing called love is all about fate, destiny and magic.

    But experts have also discovered some interesting facts about love that are very much based on science. Such as…

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    1. Birth control pills affect women’s hormone levels – and to whom they become attracted. In one study, researcher Tony Little showed women different images of men and asked them to make their picks. His results showed that the women taking birth control pills tended to choose men with more pronounced masculine features than those who weren’t on them. The downside here? These manly traits are linked to high testosterone levels, aggressive behavior, and even higher divorce rates than the average.

    2. Women want to date men who smell like their fathers. In one study by geneticist Carole Ober, female subjects were asked to sniff shirts of various scents and then state their preferences ranked by smell. Over and over again, subjects chose the odors that closely matched those of their fathers.

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