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    Better Sex Can Lead To Better Health

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    Did you know that a great sex life could lead to better health?

    Recent studies have shown that many women have sex more out of obligation than enjoyment – meaning many couples are missing out on some major health benefits.

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    It’s vital for couples to figure out ways to promote mutual sexual enjoyment and satisfaction – not only for healthier relationships, but for healthier bodies.

    Here are five great things that great sex can do for you:

    Sex decreases stress.

    “Sex releases endorphins, which are natural ‘feel good’ hormones,” Dr. Naomi Greenblatt, MD, and medical director at The Rocking Chair in New Jersey, says.

    For anybody who’s ever had sex, that probably won’t come as a huge surprise, but it’s consistent with multiple studies that suggest that people who engage in satisfactory sex exhibit fewer signs of depression.

    Sex is a great exercise.

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