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    Is Stress Damaging Your Skin?

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    It’s very hard to avoid stress. Between work, family and our overall busy lives, we’re all being pulled in a million directions. The problem is that too much stress can hurt your body, and lead to certain preventable illnesses…and even obesity.

    Did you know that stress can also damage your skin? If you’re experiencing the below symptoms, stress may be to blame:

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    Common symptoms of stressed skin include dryness, dullness and/or breakouts. But why? What can you you do for a healthier complexion?

    The Stress Hormone

    When we are stressed, a hormone called cortisol is released and wreaks havoc on our bodies. Research has found that it leads to a dangerous accumulation of fat around our organs, and too much cortisol has an effect on our skin as well. Caused by lack of sleep and other stress, once cortisol is released into your body, it can cause many different problems .

    Lines and Wrinkles

    As soon as cortisol is released by the body, sugar levels in the blood increase. We know that sugar spikes are especially bad for diabetics, but increased blood sugar also promotes a process called glycation in our skin. Glycation damages our skin’s collagen, causing it to become rigid, which increases lines and wrinkles.

    Dry & Damaged Skin

    In addition to causing glycation, cortisol also decreases our skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, which serves as a natural moisturizer for our skin. Even more, cortisol compromises the skin’s barrier, which allows even more hydration to seep out. And when skin is dehydrated, the enzymes in our skin that work to repair the damage done every day don’t work as well.

    Poor Complexion

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