The 3 Worst Ways To Communicate

couple with back to each other
The key to successful relationships? Communication, communication, communication.

Something ironic about relationships that fail is that, while we’re recovering from heartbreak, we replay many of the past exchanges that may or may not have influenced the breakup. We find ourselves asking “Why didn’t she understand what I was asking for?” and “Why didn’t he listen to me before jumping to conclusions?”

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Only then do most of us realize that much of our self expression gets lost in translation or rather, in our communication. In looking at the events and exchanges that led to the break up, chances are both of you had conflicting communication styles that didn’t work. This led to hurtful words and provided little progress in what you were trying to express or resolve.

Becoming aware of how you communicate can help in expressing how you feel, and how you help others feel loved and appreciated.

What are the four types of communication you need to know about? And just as important – which style is the right style?