More Beautiful Skin, Faster

Beautiful Young African Woman
Maintaining soft, beautiful skin isn’t a lost art – just a neglected one. Did you know that about 70 percent of skin imperfections, such as dullness and aging, is caused by environmental factors that you have some control over?

So what are some of the secrets for softer, clearer, glowing skin? Dr. Brooke Jackson wants to give you the inside scoop by answering some important skin questions.

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Q: What are some articular ingredients that tend to work particularly well for African American skin, and some that tend to just cause irritation?

A: Great question! Something you need to keep in mind when trying products is the difference between allergies and irritation, because there is a difference. If your skin has never seen the product, it may need to be introduced more slowly. For example, people who have sensitive skin may need to use antiaging products every other night rahter than every night to avoid irritation and if you have a history of eczema you are more likely to be irritated from the product, not allergic to it. Of course, if you don’t like how your skin is reacting to a product, it’s best to just stop using it and talk to a dermatologist.

As far as products specifically designed for  Black skin, people are different– there is not a go-to list of ingredients specifially for AA skin. Products should be tailored to skin type ( dry, sensitive, oily, acne prone) rather than skin color.