Jennifer Hudson: “I Throw It Across The Room!”

jennifer-hudson-bikini-shotThe powerhouse vocalist and actress Jennifer Hudson continues to maintain her new slimmer shape and she looks great. Recently, the star took to instagram and posted the photo above.

“It would take mexico to get me to play on the beach,” Hudson, 32, wrote, alongside a pic-stitch of herself wearing a chartreuse bikini. The sexy snaps feature the Oscar winner—with her toned abs and lean waist on display—lounging and soaking in a sexy two-piece.

“I’m so not that girl !” added Hudson, “but I work hard , I deserve it right ! Plus, I earned it !”

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And indeed she has put in work. Hudson’s astounding weight loss turned into a four-year partnership with Weight Watchers, which ended on mutual terms in March.

But how did she do it?

I know what you’re thinking…”She’s a movie star, she probably has 20 people following her around at all times telling her what to eat, when to work out, and more…her weight loss was EASY!” Well, the truth may be a bit different than that. In fact, if you really check out what Jennifer Hudson has done with regards to weight loss, you just might find that copying her plan may just lead the weight loss success you have been looking for.

“I throw the pancakes across the room!” she told Yahoo! about her surprising approach to resisting tempting foods. “I don’t let the food intimidate me. If it’s too much, I just get rid of it, but I make sure to watch what I put in my body. And I make sure I know what it is. It’s all about portions for the most part. I don’t work out a lot, but…