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    5 Healthy Things To Do With Tea (Other Than Drink It)

    tea bag and loose tea leaves
    It’s great that you’re drinking more tea, especially considering the amazing health benefits associated with different varieties of tea, such as green, black, white and red.

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    But did you know that your tea, as well as those leftover tea bags, have some pretty amazing uses, too?

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    Try using your tea or tea bags as:

    Meat Tenderizers

    Marinate your meat in tea to tenderize it. The tannins in the tea will soften the meat. Use strong black tea and pour it over the meat before you put it in the oven.

    Natural Cleaners

    Add a bit of black tea to your mop when you’re mopping up your wooden floors. The leaves’ natural properties will help add color and shine up the dull wood.

    Also, if there are grease stains that won’t come off your glass surfaces or mirrors, then dip some cloth in brewed tea and wipe them down.

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