How To Determine If Your Child Has ADHD

( — When Black parents see their child displaying typical hyperactive behavior, such as running around constantly and performing poorly at school, they may be concerned that the cause is ADHD — attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — and want a diagnosis. But be prepared: An ADHD diagnosis does not always come easily and you certainly need to visit a doctor you can trust.

ADHD Diagnosis: Possible Practitioners

To get a diagnosis of ADHD, many families begin by talking with their pediatrician or family physician. Often this doctor will want the family to see a health care professional who has special training in ADHD.

There are different kinds of health care professionals trained to work with children with ADHD, including:

• Psychiatrists. A psychiatrist must have a medical degree and can prescribe medication if needed. Psychiatrists can also offer other therapy, such as counseling for the family and child.