Don’t Feed Your Kid That!

stack of chocolate chip cookies
With the kids home from school for at least a few more weeks, we know you were probably lax with their general healthy eating rules.

But now that another school year is about is about to be in full-swing, it’s important to re-establish healthy eating habits and make sure your children have a great foundation for healthy minds and bodies.

Since transitioning out of summer fun and into the classroom can be difficult, here are some healthy alternatives to typical kid summer favorites.

Chicken Apple Sausages
Instead of: Hot Dogs

One study found that children who eat more than 12 hot dogs per month are significantly more likely to develop childhood leukemia than children who don’t eat them. They’re filled with sodium and saturated fat, which can help increase their chances of dehydration and heart disease.

Chicken apple sausages, on the other hand, are made with lean meat that’s lower in fat, calories and salt. The sausages also contain bits of nutritious apple, which add a touch of sweetness that most kids love.