How To Tell If They’re Relationship-Worthy

african american couple smiling( — Relationship success is based on two individuals who are able to truly be themselves and celebrate whatever it is that makes their union special. But many people suffer from the inability to think outside of what their friends and family think and stand on their own feet – which makes it very difficult to build a healthy relationship, since healthy, happy relationships are all about two healthy, happy people who are able to think and act for themselves.

Here are a few ways to tell if a person is more concerned with impressing you, or the rest of the world:

1. They’re fine socializing on their own

Can they go out by themselves? If you find that every movie, dinner, getaway weekend, office party or sporting event is all about how many friends they can throw into the mix, be warned — they definitely need relationship buffers so that they don’t have to focus too much attention on you…or themselves.