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    How To Avoid Common Zumba Injuries

    Wear The Right Shoes. Experts say that wearing the right shoes (such as dance shoes or cross trainers).

    Dance On The Right Floors. Avoid carpeting or hard tile whenever possible. Opt instead for classes taught on hardwood floors.

    Only Participate In The Right Class Sizes. If classes are too congested, people will inevitably run into each other, even accidentally hit or kick each other. If possible, only take classes that give you enough room to really move.

    Take Classes With The Right Instructors. In addition, it is very important to only take classes with an experienced instructor who offers a choice of high intensity or low-impact moves.

    Dave Cook, an ER physician from Charleston, South Carolina, says he’s seen four or five people for injuries stemming from Zumba or video exercise programs like Insanity or P90X in the last six months.

    “Any time you have a new sports exercise craze you tend to see more injuries,” he says of the uptick in injuries. “People have a clear understanding of basic forms of exercise, but with some of these new forms, you don’t necessarily see that.”

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