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    Nicole Ari-Parker Wants To “Save Your Do”

    Nicole Ari-Parker at a press event

    Recently, actress, activist and wife to Boris Kodjoe, Nicole Ari-Parker, debuted her remedy to one of the main reasons why Black women don’t work out: they don’t want to mess up their hair.

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    Hair is a serious issue for most of black women because of the investment of time and money to have it styled, many don’t want to sweat and mess it up all over again.

    Bu when the Surgeon General issued a statement saying “Women have got to stop using their hair as an excuse not to exercise” and that Black women’s health issues had reached a state of emergency, this nationwide call to action inspired Ari-Parker.

    Her solution?

    The Save Your Do gym wrap, a stylish headband developed with a patent-pending revolutionary “Edge Control Technology” that minimizes sweat absorption, resulting in drier hair. recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Ari-Parker to talk about her health, her daughter, her marriage and why she cares so much about saving all our do’s…

    Nicole Ari Parker wearing Save Your Do

    BDO: What made you come up with the idea for Save Your Do?

    AP: It was something that I created out of pure vanity. I know what it feels like to be a Black woman and just get your hair done. The desire that many women have to keep the hairstyle that we spend so much time and money on to last. I had to come up with something. Initially, I began cutting and testing different fabrics I had at home, anything I could find. I made a lot different prototypes that were just headbands, until I linked up with my business partner, who had a contact with someone experienced in producing garments for the U.S. military. We created a workable product and tested it all over the country, from young women to old women. Down south and up north. It took us over a year and half to get the product just right. And it works!

    BDO: How do YOU stay fit & healthy with such a demanding schedule?

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