How To Improve Sex After Menopause

A man snuggling with a woman in bed
In the years during and after menopause, you may experience changes in your sexual life. Some women say they enjoy sex more, while others find they don’t enjoy it as much.

What’s responsible for these changes? How can you have a better sex life after menopause?

Changes in sexuality at this time of life have several possible causes, including:

• Decreased hormones can make vaginal tissues drier and thinner, which can make sex uncomfortable.
• Decreased hormones may reduce sex drive.
• Night sweats can disturb a woman’s sleep and make her too tired for sex.
• Emotional changes can make a woman feel too stressed for sex.

It’s important to remember that a lack of interest in sex is not necessarily something that requires treatment. However, if sexual changes are bothersome, don’t be hesitant about getting the help you need.

An online survey of more than 1,000 women aged 35 and older found that nearly six out of 10 reported vaginal changes including dryness, pain, discomfort or “tightness” during sex, as they approached or passed menopause.