Coping With Chronic Hepatitis C

A man wearing a white t-shirt standing against a white wall and looking downLiving with a chronic disease like hepatitis C can be depressing and nerve-wracking. Coping with the side effects of treatment isn’t easy either. But another difficult aspect of having the disease is how it can interfere with your relationships.

“People with hepatitis C experience a lot of stigma,” says Alan Franciscus, executive director of the Hepatitis C Support Project in San Francisco. “It can be really hard.”

You may avoid talking to friends or family about the disease because you’re worried about how they’ll react. You may feel a temptation to pull away from people you care about rather than risk them knowing.

But you can’t. The fact is that now, more than ever, you could use people to rely on. Keeping open and honest relationships with your family and close friends is key to your own well-being.

Coping With the Stigma of Hepatitis C