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    The #1 Reason You’re Gaining Weight

    Coffee: Small 8 oz. cups of coffee were the standard. Even adding milk and sugar, a cup was approximately 45 calories. Now we are choosing double the portion with flavored syrups and milk – a 16 oz. coffee with syrup and whole milk is 350 calories. So the key is to keep it simple – avoid the flavoring, unless it is sugar-free, and always choose skim milk.

    Pizza: 2 slices of pizza used to be much smaller, equivalent to one large slice currently. Therefore 2 slices of pepperoni pizza used to be 500 calories. Now it is closer to 850 calories. Choose one slice of pizza paired with a salad or veggies to fill up instead of eating more pizza.

    Popcorn: Going to the movies usually requires a snack – the hard to resist popcorn at the snack counter. 20 years ago, packaging was much smaller. The standard size contained about 5 cups for 270 calories; today a large tub contains about 11 cups and is approximately 630 calories. In that case, skip the popcorn and choose a low calorie meal such as a submarine sandwich or salad. Much more filling and you won’t be hungry during the movie!

    Carbonated Drinks: Drink size used to be much smaller when it came in a glass bottle. The average caloric content was only 85 calories. Today 20 oz. drinks are the standard and usually contain 250 calories. Choose diet versions or smaller portions. Offer a friend half of the drink instead of consuming the whole bottle.

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