The Best Exercises For Better Sex

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It’s no secret that training your body can help you shed a few pounds—but can burning calories and toning your muscles really help you enjoy sex more?

“The oxygenation of blood plays a huge roll in arousal—people who work out, especially with cardiovascular exercise, are going to have much better vascular health and better flow to the genitals,” Kerner says. Add in the feel-good endorphin release you get from exercising, and you have a potential sweat-induced love potion, he says.

The Best Exercises For Sex

But what are some of the top exercises that will may help improve sex, including performance, endurance and enjoyment potential?

“Yoga and weight lifting emphasize the pelvic area and help build pelvic floor strength,” says Kerner. “Female arousal, just like male arousal, is dependent on blood flow to the pelvic area,” he says.

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