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    5 Ways To Eat What You Want On Thanksgiving

    A table filled with Thanksgiving foodsThanksgiving marks the beginning of the season of overeating so why not try the best you can by not going off the deep end so early on?  Your health is the most important gift so honoring your good fortune on the day of thanks is a great way to take care of that gift.

    Here are just a few easy tips that can help you avoid being the stuffed bird this holiday.

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    1. Toss the Turkey Skin

    Choosing lean white turkey meat is a great start towards healthier eating. But as soon as you grab a slice of turkey, trim off the skin. Though delicious, the skin is very high in fat—and not the good kind. Toss the skin before you even start eating. If you leave it on your plate, you may eventually be tempted to nibble.

    2. Eat Before Dinner

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