Natural Remedies For Skin Problems

young woman washing face by face bowlYour skin is the barometer of your health, and lifestyle
choices literally make their mark on your face. No need to cover your face or
panic. Just follow the commonsense guidelines below for skin preservation, and
you’ll be sure to radiate vitality and vigor.

Everyday skin care—keep it consistent
Create a consistent
skin-care routine. Regular cleansing rids the skin of excess oils and dirt and
sloughs off dead skin cells.

If you have dry skin, use a mild exfoliant with a heavier moisturizing cream
that contains nut oils or aloe.

If your skin is oily, occasionally use an exfoliant with astringent
properties and finish with a light, water-based moisturizer. Tea tree and citrus
oils help tone skin between washings.

If you battle with problem skin, avoid using harsh exfoliants on breakouts.
Instead, apply a deep-cleansing mask and a moisturizer with antibacterial
ingredients such as tea tree oil and lavender.

Cover up—almost
Let the sun shine, but choose your
exposure carefully.