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    A Drug That Treats Sickle Cell?

    For the first time ever, new and existing companies came together to share their progress in developing new treatments to prevent or reduce the complications of sickle cell disease. Seven pharmaceutical and biotech companies discussed new products that are in all stages of development from preclinical research to Phase III clinical trials.

    Drugs are being developed to prevent the complications of sickle cell disease in new and creative ways, some of which include:

    • increasing blood flow,
    • preventing sickling of blood cells,
    • fixing the defective hemoglobin through gene therapy, and
    • increasing fetal hemoglobin.

    Today we don’t know which, if any, of these drugs is going to work but in 2012 alone, these companies have invested over $500 million dollars in research and development of new drugs to treat sickle cell disease. This investment, we hope, will lead to better treatments and, ultimately, improve the length and quality of life of people with sickle cell disease in the United States and globally.

    To learn more about clinical trials for sickle cell disease or other diseases visit

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