Easy Ways To Deal With Non-Dieting Family

Overweight Woman Eating Healthy Meal in Kitchen
You’re committed to trying to be good for the holidays. Well, at least relatively good. But unfortunately, the best and healthiest of intentions can be derailed by the people who love you the most.

What are some ways to diplomatically avoid being pressured into eating way more than you know you should?

Ask for help. Before any family gathering, recruit your family as your diet and weight loss allies. Share a recent diet success such as buying a dress in a smaller size, or better yet, or tell them that you need to work on lowering your blood pressure. Then explain that, as much as you love her food, you’d prefer she not press you to eat multiple servings this holiday.

Assist the host/hostess. It’s impossible to eat too much while refilling drinks or clearing the table. And who would refuse the help?

Distract the cook with compliments. “I couldn’t eat another bite because I’m so full from these amazing sweet potatoes! Can I have the recipe?”

Ask for hearty helpings. But only of the healthy, low-cal stuff such as greens, sweet potatoes, lean meat, etc., so there’s little room on your plate for much else.