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    9 Creative Ways To Keep Your Home Warmer

    Add some texture. Add pillows or throws in contrasting textures like sheepskin, wool, and felt. You can find great bargains at stores like Target  and T.J. Maxx.

    Fill your home with warm colors. Look for accents and furniture in deep reds, rich oranges, and warm yellows, rather than cool tones like blue and green.

    Place living room furniture in a close-knit arrangement. The body heat of a group makes the room warmer than when the couches and chairs are spread out in an open design. Also, soft furniture is warmer to sit on than bare wood, as well as visually giving a perception of warmth.

    Use neutral paint colors. Colors like warm beige, khaki, taupe can really act as a great foundation. You can even go bolder and use hues like deep mustard or orange. From there, add color with accessory pieces, rugs, upholstery, and artwork.

    Add warming elements. From candles to a creative heater to a fireplace, adding warming elements to your home not only help you deal with uncomfortable chills, but create a warm and calming environment.

    Fight drafts to keep cold air away. Place a rolled-up towel or commercial draft stopper filled with beans or soft stuffing against the bottom door of every room that leads to the outside. Your rooms will retain more of their interior heat.

    Buy a plant. Live plants will make any room look warmer. Plus, they promote a healthy environment all year round by adding oxygen to the air.

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