Recipe Makeover: 7 Tips For Healthier Dressing

cornbread dressing in skillet
While stuffing is a Thanksgiving classic in many American homes, dressing can actually be a healthier, more delicious alternative.


Because stuffing is literally “stuffed” into the turkey, absorbing excess fats from the turkey as it cooks. Baked dressing, on the other hand, includes all the ingredients of traditional stuffing without all that fat (ideally), plus vegetables and seasonings.

What are some ways to help make your dressing healthier?

1. Substitute whole wheat bread for white bread cubes in order to add more fiber to the dish. Also, using cornbread mix instead is a great way to add additional whole grains.

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2. Don’t use margarine! Instead, substitute it with olive oil.

3. Use more egg whites. For example, if your recipe calls for three beaten eggs, beat and use six eggs whites only. Or, use one whole egg and four egg whites.