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    Fit & Fabulous Winner Jennifer Lee Gilbert: In It To Win It

    BDO: What are some of your favorite guilty pleasure foods?

    JLG: Two of the most delightful things in the world are blueberry pancakes and pizza.

    BDO: How often do you work out now?

    JLG: I work out 5 times a week, but two of those days are doubles.

    BDO: What’s your favorite exercise?

    JLG:¬†Kickboxing!!! It makes me feel like I can beat somebody’s ass. Boxing makes me feel like I’m really tough.

    BDO: What’s your least favorite exercise?

    JLG: Squats…I do bunches of them ’cause I’m I’m a black woman with a big butt. But I hate ’em!

    BDO: What’s a health condition that really concerns you?

    JLG: Diabetes. Underactive thyroid. Those two, but especially diabetes, since, as I already mentioned, it can lead to so many other things. It’s a constant thought in my head.

    BDO: What would be your message to someone reading an article about you who has yet to, or has just begun, their own healthier living journey?

    JLG: If you find something you truly love, it’ll seem less like work. Find a partner to help with. When I first started training, I did it with two friends. I think that would definitely be a good movitating factor, plus, my friends were younger and smaller than me. I’m super competitive!

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