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    The 4 Times Every Day Your Heart Is In Danger

    What to do: Relax on Sunday, but try not to sleep in. Getting up early on Monday after sleeping late Saturday and Sunday can raise blood pressure even more because your body is fatigued and its natural rhythms are out of whack. Try to maintain a regular sleep/wake schedule all week.

    3. After a big meal…

    A heavy, high-calorie dinner can have an immediate impact on your heart health. Studies show high-fat, high-carb meals constrict blood vessels, making blood more prone to clot.

    What to do: If you must indulge, keep your portion sizes reasonable. A daily aspirin will also help prevent blood “stickiness.”

    4. On the toilet…

    It may seem like a strange place to have heart trouble, but it can happen. Straining increases pressure in the chest, slowing the return of blood to the heart.

    What to do: Eat lots of fiber, stay hydrated, and avoid straining.

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