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    Why Some Women Won’t Leave A Cheater

    3. Her finances take a hit.

    It’s not a completely unfounded fear: A woman is likely to draw the short financial straw in a divorce. An ex-wife’s standard of living drops more than 25%, studies show. They’re also more likely to lose other essentials, such as health insurance and their homes. Emotions aside, not having money can cause a woman to stay. How is she going to leave and start a new life on her own if she has been depending on him for financial stability? This is an issue that could keep women, both gold diggers and non- gold diggers alike, in the relationship — even if they’re not in love with their partners anymore.

    4. No one’s perfect.

    A people live, age and grow together, they recognize that they have to give up the dreams of the perfect spouse. They know their mate eventually will disappoint them. But they still that people can get on the right path and think it’s possible their boyfriends will change their cheating ways and revert to how they were before the infidelity.

    5. Her professional status is tied to his.

    Building a relationship with someone is more than forging emotional ties; it can incorporate other financial, energy and time costs. For instance, if she has built a business with her guy, leaving the relationship could risk her venture. Likewise, having invested feelings and energy cultivating the relationship could make her hesitant to walk away with nothing. She would rather work on the current relationship than cut her losses.

    6. Family and religious pressure.

    The decision to leave a marriage doesn’t always sit well with traditional, religious families. Many believe that women should keep a marriage together — whatever the cost. Some women are constantly bombarded by that “through thick and thin” clause in their vows and see leaving a cheater as a break in a promise to God.

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