My Favorite Drugstore Finds: Eyes

Close-up of a woman applying mascara
This is part 2 of my exploration of drug store products. In this post, I discuss drug store mascaras and eyeliners. I dispose of my mascara every 6 months whether I am wearing it regularly or not. Therefore, I thought mascara was another good place to experiment with money-saving products.

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I have fallen in love with Rimmel mascara. It works just as well, if not better, than the department store brands I swore by. My favorite mascara is the Lash Accelerator. This mascara does what it says. It makes my lashes look much longer.

It does not do a lot for thickening so I usually add the Rimmel Scandaleyes with it. Scandaleyes is great for thickening. The brush is so big and soft. I love the way it feels on my lashes.

Lash Accelerator and Scandaleyes together will make your lashes look like falsies. The only drawback with the Scandaleyes is that you have to let it dry. Do not watch sappy movies right after applying this mascara. I made that mistake and scared myself when I walked by the mirror! I usually put the Lash Accelerator on first and then add the Scandaleyes. I absolutely love this combination. I have not been able to achieve these results with any other mascara, including the higher end brands I tried from MAC and Sephora.