6 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Alzheimer’s

older african american woman leaning on bike handle bars(BlackDoctor.org) — We all want to dodge the Alzheimer’s bullet. And for lucky us, Mother Nature has counterbalanced the power of our genes by allowing multiple lifestyle choices to greatly influence our aging.

Therefore, your destiny is not fated; you do have some control.

Yes, genes are powerful forces, but they “are not even the dominant factor” for the vast majority of people. Here are some actionable factors that can help your brain stay healthy over the long term.

1. Physical activity

Research suggests that regular aerobic activity—like running, walking, or bicycling, which require oxygen to produce energy—may do a better job of protecting brain function than non-aerobic activity, which does not recruit oxygen and uses short bursts of motion (golf, tennis, and lifting weights). The Alzheimer’s Association advises picking activities you like and doing them regularly for at least 30 minutes a day.