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    Postpartum Depression: What Every Black Mom Needs To Know

    What’s the Difference? 

    Many women report having a case of the baby blues, while others have PPD. It’s important to know that there is a difference between the two.

    The baby blues will occur in many women within the first weeks of having their child. With the blues, you may have trouble sleeping and feel moody, teary, and overwhelmed. You may have these feelings along with being happy about your baby. But the baby blues usually go away within a couple of weeks. The symptoms of postpartum depression can last for months.

    PPD can make you feel very hopeless and worthless. You may also feel as though you are unable to care for or bond with your baby. Below are a few ways to Diagnose if you have PPD:

    Common signs of PPD:

    • You feel extremely sad , hopeless and empty inside with severe anxiety.
    • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt, with no reasonable cause.
    • Loss of pleasure in either all or almost all of your daily activities.
    • Appetite and weight loss-usually a drop in appetite and weight, but sometimes the opposite.
    • Sleep problems-usually trouble with sleeping, even when your baby is sleeping.
    • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions.
    • Suicidal thoughts or frightening thoughts of harming your baby; these thoughts tend to be fearful thoughts, rather than urges to harm.

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