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    Is It ADHD, Or Is It…

    A father playing chess with his son on a white sofaAccording to doctors, diagnosing ADD/ADHD can be very difficult. One reason for this is the fact that the ADHD shares many symptoms with quite a few other health conditions.

    Here are some of the top conditions with symptoms that mimic those of ADHD:


    People with autism can seem to lack the ability to create emotional bonds and can struggle with interactions with others. They are also often over-excited when in high stimulus environments, which can seem like hyperactivity, a classic ADHD symptom. In addition, both children with ADHD and children with autism can have a hard time adjusting to change.

    A Hearing Problem

    People that suffer from hearing impairments can experience problems in social situations and may have underdeveloped communication. They may have a hard time paying attention because of their inability to hear properly. Undiagnosed hearing loss can appear as missing details of conversations, not listening or not paying attention. These symptoms are also common in individuals with ADHD.


    Hypothyroidism can create feelings of sadness or depression. People with ADHD can also suffer from these feelings, especially if depression is a co-existing condition.

    Hypothyroidism also includes symptoms of inability to concentrate and memory problems. ADHD also includes the symptom inability to concentrate, and forgetfulness can be mistaken for memory loss.


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