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    5 Ways To Stop Snoring, Now!

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    Snoring is a fairly common affliction, affecting 40 percent of men and 25 percent of women. If you snore, you make a raspy, rattling, snorting sound while you breathe during sleep. Older people are particularly prone to snoring: About one-third of people ages 55 to 84 snore.

    Despite its frequency, however, snoring is a sleep disorder that can have serious medical and social consequences. The tips that follow may help you sleep more peacefully.­

    1. Change positions

    Sleeping on your back causes the base of your tongue to fall backward into your throat, which narrows your airway. So try sleeping on your side. If you find yourself still waking up on your back, prop your head up on several pillows. This will open up your nasal airway passages and may help you stop snoring.

    2. Lose weight

    Extra weight around the throat narrows the airway, which can trigger snoring. Shedding extra pounds can remedy the problem.

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