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    6 Exercises You Should Stop Doing…Right Now

    A couple doing sit-ups on the floor
    Almost any exercise is good exercise. That said, some people waste time on routines that aren’t best for reaching their goals.

    Lack of time is the number one excuse people give for not working out so why waste your precious time on exercises that are inefficient, ineffective or just plain unsafe?

    Here are 6 exercises that your workout could probably do just fine without:

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    The Sit-Up

    If only getting those flat abs was this easy. Anyone seeking a tighter core should stay away from sit-ups and work on planks and side planks instead. The abdominal crunch is really only strengthening a very small section of your abdominal wall and doesn’t address working your lower abs directly.

    Leg Extension Machine

    The leg extension machine isolates the muscles in the front of the thighs known as the quadriceps. But lifting extra heavy weights with just your thighs is a recipe for injury. Besides straining knee ligaments, this exercise can overdevelop the quads, making the back of thigh muscles (hamstrings) more likely to snap, especially if they’re tight and weak in comparison. Stick to squat-and-lunge type moves for safe, superior thigh sculpting.

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