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    How To Survive The Holiday Eating Frenzy

    If you are tired of making the same resolution and not sticking to it, utilize some of my tips to help you survive the holiday eating frenzy. See our 8 Survival Tips On the next page –>>click here<<–

    8 Holiday Eating Survival Tips:

    1. Don’t deprive yourself all day and eat one big meal
    2. Drink lots of water with your meal, which will keep you full
    3. Double up on the non starchy vegetables
    4. Limit those decadent high fat and cholesterol favorites
    5. Try splitting desserts with someone (i.e. 1/2 slice of pie)
    6. Learn to just say no and take focus off food
    7. Don’t go back for a second serving
    8. Practice, practice, practice portion control

    By Eric Paul, BDO Nutrition Expert

    As a classically trained chef, Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and soon to be Registered Dietitian, Eric Paul has acquired the necessary skills to help people prevent most health problems. For the last 5 years, he has used his expertise and passion to help thousands achieve optimal health by empowering them to make changes in their behavior, exercise and diet.  Eric Paul has been featured on ABC, WGN, Fox and ESPN giving audiences advice about nutrition, fitness, and other wellness topics. As one of America’s healthiest chefs, we welcome his contribution to our team.  For more information about Eric Paul, please visit

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