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    The Healing Power Of A Nap

    … a slight decrease in body temperature — nature is telling us that it wants us to take a nap. By attempting to ward off drowsiness with caffeine and sugary snacks, biorhythm is disrupted, extra calories are consumed and a rollercoaster ride of energy spikes and crashes begins. This vicious cycle contributes to unwanted extra pounds.

    Alertness, Improved Mood and Performance

    A mid-afternoon nap can help with depression, dullness and lack of clarity — all of which can hinder physical and mental performance. As seen in the Harvard Health Letter, a New Zealand study found that “air traffic controllers working the night shift scored better on tests of alertness and performance if they took advantage of a planned nap period of 40 minutes.”

    A nap can also:

    • Slow down or reverse the process aging
    • Increase the sex drive
    • Accelerate the ability to perform motor tasks
    • Enhance how the body uses carbs
    • Minimize stress hormones
    • Alleviate migraines
    • Reduce brain chatter before nighttime sleep


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