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    7 Ways To Avoid Germs At The Gym

    A woman doing bicycles at the gym

    Most of us go to the gym to improve our health, but did you know you could pick up something at the gym that could make you ill? Viruses and bacteria can lurk for hours on the handles of crosstrainers and weight machines.

    At the gym, you commonly expect to be able to exercise physically in an environment which is home to lots of diverse exercise equipment. Unfortunately, the gym is also a place where germs can become prevalent if you do not watch yourself and the environment around you.

    If you’re not careful, you will either spread germs to others or contract them yourself, and since the gym is a place for exercise, you don’t want to lessen your experience by being unsanitary.

    There are a number of common sense and practical solutions you can undertake to make sure that you can avoid germs at the gym. All it really takes is a little bit of focus and commitment to hygiene.

    Don’t reuse exercise clothes

    Warm moist clothes allow bacteria and viruses to multiply, which increases your chances of getting infected with whatever you picked up from gym machines or mats. It’s best to shower and change clothes immediately following your workouts.

    Don’t go barefoot.

    Wear flip-flops to the shower to avoid picking up a wart virus. But do go barefoot when you hit the shower so you don’t forget to wash your feet and in between your toes.

    Cover up cuts

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