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    My Story: “One Day I Could Barely Get Out Of Bed”

    havena johnson

    I am never sick.

    Never smoked.

    Never took drugs.

    Didn’t really drink…two glasses of wine and I would fall asleep, so what’s the fun in that?

    I don’t even remember what year it was I gave up sugar, white flour, and all that other stuff that tastes so good.

    Only time I ever went to see a doctor was for the occasional cosmetic surgery and that was probably two years ago. I really was meant to be born with this body. Botox came from heaven.

    I was forty-four and living my wonderful life of consultant work and watching my son go through high school playing basketball and becoming a man.

    Then one day I could barely get out of bed. After dragging myself to a client appointment, I realized it wasn’t getting any better and I drove myself to urgent care.
    My blood pressure was 245 over 160. Is that bad? I asked.

    I was having a heart attack.

    My kidneys had failed.

    I went into ICU. They administered procedures to stabilize my organs and I don’t know how many blood transfusions I had. I was there for two weeks. Finally, the utter relief that I was going to pull through.

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