Don’t Touch That! 7 Shocking Places Dangerous Germs Live

    Close-up of a man's finger pushing an elevator button

    It may not come as a surprise that coming  into contact with cold & flu culprits are amazingly easy. Why? Because there are many common surfaces that we all touch, but that very few really stop to think about.

    For example, did you know that the warm, wet inside of a sponge is prime habitat for bacteria to grow?

    The National Sanitation Foundation at the University of Michigan suggests microwaving your sponge for two minutes every day to kill germs growing inside, as well as replacing your sponges once every two weeks.

    We know what you’re thinking…what other areas do you touch every single day without even suspecting of being potential germ factories?

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    Your Desk. Desktops have actually been found to have higher levels of bacteria than toilet seats! Which actually makes sense – people spend several hours a day touching, eating on, and even coughing/sneezing on and around their desks. In addition, many desks aren’t cleaned at night because they are considered private areas.

    An easy fix? Clean your desk regularly with an antibacterial wipe.

    Your Purse/Bag. When not on a shoulder, most purses are resting on the desks (see above) or floors of restaurants, restrooms, movie theaters, cars, buses and sidewalks. A joint ABC News and University of Arizona investigation of 50 women’s handbags found that the outside bottom of the purses were teeming with bacteria, including fecal germs and those that can cause skin infections. The researchers found 6.7 million bacteria on one purse alone.

    An easy fix? Wipe purses down from time to time with antibacterial cloths.

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