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    How To Avoid Dry Skin: The 7 Golden Rules

    3. Avoid using harsh soaps, especially if you have sensitive skin, avoid fragrance and deodorant soap.

    4. Apply your “barrier repair creams” and moisturizers immediately (within 3 minutes) after showering and bathing.

    5. People with darker skin should avoid applying anything that irritates your skin because irritation will lead to unsightly discoloration and dark spots.

    6. If you have “eczema” do not use Vaseline petroleum jelly as your moisturizer, because I have found that it will exacerbate or worsen the eczema.

    7. If you must shave your legs, make sure you use a lubricating shaving gel or cream specifically designed for shaving. Some women like to utilize soap as their lubricant, which will usually leads to problems.

    It is extremely important to keep your skin will moisturized. There are several over-the-counter moisturizers that you can choose on your own, however, if you find that your skin looks or feels worse because the choices you have made them seek the expert advice of a dermatologist.

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